Capillary Hydroponic Turf System

Superior quality turfgrass with less water and maintenance.

Controlling the water, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels for various soil profiles is a major challenge – especially for faster, firmer greens susceptible to dry spots. The Hydroponic Turf System is a totally new approach that gives you great playability with significantly less risk and maintenance.

The system automatically regulates the water levels and increases gas-exchange by raising and lowering the water table to produce deeper and healthier roots and higher-quality turfgrass.

Up to 6,000% greater gas-exchange in rootzone
Up to 30% lower annual irrigation costs
Up to 85% less water use
Longer lifespan of tees and greens
Healthier, Superior-quality Turf & Roots

Controlling carbon dioxide levels in the rootzone and providing enough oxygen for roots is a constant problem when growing turfgrass. Because the carbon dioxide molecule is a lot heavier than the oxygen molecule, this is very hard to do with normal aerifying methods. The only means of truly removing carbon dioxide from deep in a turfgrass rootzone is by forcing it out with water. The Hydroponic Turf System effectively pushes out the heavier carbon dioxide molecules and sucks oxygen into the turf profile on an automated schedule by raising and lowering the water table in the rootzone. This is a major difference in the approach to achieve optimum gas-exchange in the rootzone, and it has the potential to significantly reduce the number of costly surface disruptions necessary to grow superior turfgrass.

Easy Maintenance

Automated sub-surface irrigation and effective gas-exchange reduces the need for mechanical aeration from the top. Also, the system reduces maintenance by automating the delivery of fertilizers and amendments, which can easily be measured by the turf manager in less than a minute with a portable EC-meter or other tools.

High Durability and ROI

Besides bunkers, tees and greens are the most expensive and labor-intensive components of a course to maintain. While the cost of Hydroponic Turf System installation is comparable to some of today’s popular systems, the Hydroponic Turf System has the potential to significantly increase the lifespan of these components, saves on labor and maintenance costs through automation, and lowers annual water costs by up to 30%. Tees and greens last longer due to less build up of organic matter in the turf surface, and the exceptional durability and strength of the Capillary Concrete base material.

Smaller Environmental Footprint

The Hydroponic Turf System reduces water use by irrigating turf from below and nearly eliminating evaporation. The closed system also features high-precision fertigation that more cost-effectively applies soil amendments and prevents nutrients and pesticides from leaching into the environment.

How it works

The Hydroponic Turf System divides the turf area into two equally large areas. A control basin automatically oxygenates and pumps or drains water between the two areas on a regular schedule. The system is powered by a small solar panel, and the water levels in the turf profile can easily be adjusted.

Turf area divided in two sections by the pond-liner that encloses the system, Capillary Concrete.

Capillary Concrete installed on top of pond liner.

The control basin contains an intricate system of air-lift pumps that both oxygenates and transports the water between the sections on a regular schedule.

All water is filtered through an active bio-filter that contains beneficial microbes and bacteria.

Hydroponic Turf System Pilot Program

Help Transform the Future of Turfgrass Systems

The Hydroponic Turf System is currently in a pilot phase. After five years of research and development to create the patented Hydroponic Turf System, it is now being piloted with a select group of partners to help us ensure the system’s success for tees and greens  in any conditions or climates.

The Pilot Program’s first phase will include five tee pilots and two greens pilots to be installed by the end of May 2019 to deliver results by the end of the year. The Pilot Program is inviting a total of 20 golf course partners to participate in 2019 to be the first in the industry to use and help refine this cutting-edge technology.

Sign up to be a pilot site
Pilot Program Partners Receive:
  • Discounted installation for 1-2 tees or 1 green.

  • Consultation, installation and post-installation services.

  • The first option of expanding from the pilot to full implementation (i.e., tees and greens) before any other new customers.

  • Promotion as a “pilot program participant” through Capillary Concrete marketing, public relations and social media.

Participation Requirements:
  • One pilot partner per geographic region – BE THE FIRST IN YOUR AREA!

  • Superintendent must take regular standard measurements and record data.

  • Partner must be willing to share learnings and results publicly.

  • Partner must commit to regular communications with Capillary Concrete.

Space is limited – Phase 1 begins immediately. The program will only select one partner per geographic region. Sign up now! 

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Learn more about the Hydroponic Turf System Pilot Program

Sign up to be a pilot site
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