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The World Leader in Sports Fields Drainage and Moisture Control

Capillary Concrete, a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete, is the only building material that can move water both up and down to precisely regulate the moisture of any adjacent material, such as sand or soil. The company owns and sells the World’s Leading Bunker Liner, Capillary Bunkers.

The Future of Turfgrass

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The World’s Leading Bunker Liner

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The Future of Equestrian Rings

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Our Story

We are golf course superintendents and sports fields specialists. We understand the challenges and what it takes to maintain a great golf course or other sports fields. Everything we have developed gets tested in real-life situations, over and over again, and we work with some of the most advanced laboratories in the world to develop the best and most effective solutions to everyday challenges. 

Capillary Bunkers were first installed in 2010 in Scandinavia in a very tough climate with severe winter ground freezing conditions. The product was invented and developed by Founder Martin Sternberg, CGCS, as a means of finally resolving all bunker problems in even the most severe golf course locations. Today, +800 courses have been built or renovated with Capillary Bunkers all across the world, from Australia, Japan, Africa to the USA and Europe.

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